Can You Make Money Reskinning Apps 2020 Guide

If you are interested in the field of profit from the Internet and programming Android/ IOS applications, then you have probably heard of what is called the Riskin field, which is about modifying and reproducing applications from the original application, in this topic we will learn about what the Riskin process is in addition to how to profit from it and how to start Out

In general, the word “Reskin” in the field of applications means reproducing an already existing application, but in a different shape and design than the original application. To understand the idea, let’s take an example of the Angry Birds game, for example. If we search in the Play Store for this game, we will see many results, including the original Angry Birds game and games Similar to her, the lookalike one made a reskin for her, which made her look like a different toy even though it had the same idea.

Riskin is simply a process of modifying applications and converting them to different applications in terms of form, but – most of the time – similar in content, the Riskin process is one of the most used methods in profit from the field of applications as it does not require a great experience in the field of programming so that you can without the slightest Programming experience dealing with the application interface and modifying it without the need to interact with programming codes.

How to Make Money Reskinning Apps?

As any domain, before starting you need to acquire the right knowledge about it, and prepare few things to be 100% ready for your start.

Interested in this field, I will not tell you that you need a computer and the Internet, this is not what I mean, these are basic things, what I mean are the full tools that you need in the field completely, in order to start in the field of Riskin, you need:

  • Money to invest:

Reskin is the process of buying a source code, modifying it, then use it as a new application. So, you have to buy the source code, and you have to pay the developer account (we will talk about it in details) and for all of this, you need some money to start investing.

This budget is not fix, depending on which development you will proceed, either you will choose Android apps, IOS apps or both.

  • Developer account:

An essential thing to start in the field is a developer account in Google Play in order to be able to upload applications, and the price of the developer account in Google Play is $ 25, you pay it at the beginning and do not pay anything after it again, but in the (iOS) store you pay $ 99 the price of the account annually These accounts are useful, of course, is to lift the applications after the completion of the amendment to them, but do not forget to finish it will come to you more benefit from them in a very short time

  • Modification programs for applications:

You also need a developer account. Certainly, you need programs to modify applications, and one of the most famous and best programs in this task is the undisputed treasure, “android studio”. I believed when I called it a giant. Every Android application developer or working in the field of Riskin knows the importance of this program, of course, there are Other programs like: Eclipse, a great program, but not (Android Studio).

  • Design programs:

As I mentioned, in clarifying the concept of Riskin, that when you modify the application, you modify its design only, not on its code; Therefore, you need an efficient design program such as “Adobe Photoshop” in order to be able to modify, so you must be able to deal with Photoshop, or any alternative to it in order to be able to modify the designs

  • Source code:

This is the most important in the tools, the source code that allows you to modify as you like, you can get these codes for your applications for free from sites such as: “source codeste” or if you want a source code that contains what you want in detail or according to your desire to create an application that belongs to you. Only you can get it in a paid way starting from $ 10 upwards through sites such as: “Code canyon”. Through these sites you can obtain your codes. The important thing is to make sure that they are legitimate and that the publisher is the owner of the rights to them.

  • Ad account from (Admob):

After you finish your applications and modify them as you wish and upload them to stores, in order to profit from them, you must have an advertising account from Admob, a subsidiary of Google AdSense, so that you can place ads in your applications, and the greater the number of users and downloads for your applications, the higher the profits and the happier you with your money that you won and in In a short time, you will discover that all that you spent came back to you twice and with not a great effort, and it did not require you to learn programming or wander in its infinite world! I think that you only need these tools in order to start in the field of Riskin and can work in it, these tools are basic tools that must be available On it and summarize it for you as follows: “A developer account, editing programs, design programs, source code, advertising account”

Strategies that Still Work:

  1. Make ads work for your application. 

It is expected that by 2020, mobile app promoting will collect a total income of $53.4 billion per year. This will be nearly 63% of the total advertising revenue derived from mobile. This means that there isn’t a shortage of advertisers. The issue lies in how much each advertiser is going to spend in a month. Are they willing to pay more or less? In general, this depends on the type of advertising and the add network chosen. Don’t stick on one advertising network just because it is common. Seek to build your ad network’s performance juxtaposed to others. Additionally, try to focus on downloads, the more downloads you get on your app, the more this strategy works. The ad network you use is not important if your application isn’t consistently obtaining downloads.

  1. Vary your in-app purchases:

The production of more in-app purchases is one of the most fabulous app monetization tactics. The number doesn’t improve the probability of the objects being purchased, but the requirement for the items. Try different pricing and the biggest items combinations and variations. Continually conduct an A/B test for in-app purchases and market you’re in-app items as you would market real-life products.

  1. Try into a freemium/ subscription model: 

The freemium model is all well and good but the subscription model is ways better as a stable business model. It is known that subscription is the expectation of app monetization. There’s one big trick though: your app has to be the right type of app for this “subscription model”. Your app is needed mainly to give the user an ongoing content or service. Then, your pricing layers should be ambitious and adaptable. You can offer for example an upgrade after a free trial to get paid on a period (weekly, monthly, or annually). You would rather show the users that they have many options and each option is to their profit.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your App:

This is an important step for many reasons, especially, it helps you to put your hands exactly on your target audience, even more, without loosing your time nor your money is the wrong platform.

In general, we will be trying in the following few lines to provide you with the platforms and the benefits and uses of each one, so you can pick the one that fits your need, however, hiring a reskinner or someone with more experience is always an option if you are new in this domain.

  • iOS Applications:

Designers hoping to make applications on iOS need to work with Xcode. Xcode underpins C, C++, Objective-C++, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby, Rez and Quick source code with an assortment of programming models, including yet not restricted to Cocoa, Carbon and Java. The most recent form, Xcode 6, incorporates intriguing highlights like “Play area”, live investigating devices and a completely new programming language called “Quick”. Even though Xcode is smooth and incredible, clients have whined of dormancy and altering mistakes in Xcode 6.

  • Android Applications:
  • Eclipse:

Eclipse program parts give the earth to composing, altering, incorporating, investigating and sending programming. The backing is accessible for C++, CBOL, Python, Ruby on Rails and so on. The upside of Eclipse is that a wide scope of durable apparatuses are accessible and it runs on an assortment of working frameworks. On the drawback, it very well may be incredibly moderate and asset concentrated.

  • Android Studio:

Android Studio is presently the authority IDE for Android. It’s a genuinely new instrument for application improvement and programming. One of the recently coordinated highlights in Android Studio is Gradle. Gradle is so profoundly incorporated that clients who have not been presented to this element may discover it very testing. One exemplary component about Android Studio is its format architect with an intuitive interface. This empowers the production of outwardly engaging applications. The primary downside of Android Studio is the unpredictability and absence of assets and instructional exercises for apprentices.

  • Windows Applications:

Windows telephone clients make up roughly 3.5% of the overall cell phone piece of the pie. Contrasted with the other versatile stages, Windows is unquestionably not the top decision for application engineers. Despite the fact that possibilities on Windows may not be as promising as iOS or Android, the stage gives some quite adaptable apparatuses to application advancement. The stage underpins an assortment of dialects, for example, C# or C++ with XAML, C++ with DirectX and JavaScript with HTML/CSS. Also, Windows gives an extremely definite bit by bit direct all the way, guaranteeing that apprentices are sufficiently arranged. The Application Studio permits designers to assemble applications for guaranteed distributing, testing and imparting to customers, associates and centre gatherings. Although the Windows stage might not have as enormous of a piece of the overall industry as Android or iOS, their numerous advancement choices are expertly intended for everybody from fledgelings to veteran designers.

  • BlackBerry Applications:

BlackBerry is most popular as the supplier of secure and solid programming for mechanical applications and cell phone the executives. It’s no ifs, ands or buts that designers pick this stage for making applications obliged the corporate world. However, lately, Blackberry has gradually lost a piece of the pie to Android and iOS. Notwithstanding, with regards to application improvement, there’s still some potential inside the stage because of its steadiness. The drawback is the multifaceted nature designers experience because of encryption issues.

  • Cross-Stage Instruments (CPT):

Cross-stage instruments permit designers to compose applications in one codebase and convey them over numerous stages. Creating applications for numerous stages brings down your expenses and permits you to contact a more extensive crowd pool while keeping up and making changes that in split-second sync over all stages and gadgets. It’s certainly helpful in this inexorably divided portable space.

Remarkable stages like PhoneGap, AdobeAir, Appcelerator and Crown SDK strike a chord when we talk about cross-stage devices. Yet, much the same as different stages recently talked about, each device has its upsides and downsides. There’s nobody size-fits-all arrangement. Take PhoneGap for instance. It’s one of the most famous apparatuses among engineers since it utilizes standard web advancement dialects like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have to expand your application with a custom PhoneGap module, the odds of finding an appropriate module is low since PhoneGap is open source. AdobeAir flaunts noteworthy reach yet it may not be an ideal long-haul procedure for a portable turn of events. Additionally, other accessible instruments give a scope of functionalities while accompanying constraints.


As a piece of advice for beginners in this field, I advise you not to give up, especially in your early beginnings. As for Risk fans, experience and frequent attempts are what will help you to strengthen your profits. Finally, I hope that the topic has won your admiration for another topic and another post.




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