Why Reskin apps is the easiest way to start app development?

Programming an application from scratch for mobile is a tedious process that requires professional programming and translating your idea into an application by working on it for weeks before its release.

Indeed, we find professional programmers who are the owners of the most popular and original applications on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, especially those that provide a distinctive service to users or a different game for them, and this matter that many of those who come to profit from applications see as a miracle.

There are two ways in front of you to profit from mobile applications, the first is to learn programming for long months, then work to find a distinct idea and convert it into a high-quality application and who have been uploaded and made available in a paid or freeway and profit from ads, and the second is to rely on the Reskin method The least expensive in time, which is not difficult compared to the previous method, and getting your own application that you can profit from by offering it paid or free with ads.

Well, it seems that you are really interested in the second method, which seems easier and does not need you to be familiar with programming and its time requirements, and this is what we are willing talk about in this article.

  • What Is App Reskinning?

An application reskin is taking an application and making an indistinguishable duplicate of the source code to make it appear to be unique from the first. The source code of both applications stays 100% indistinguishable, with the change just being in that of the logo and designs.

For model, in the event that you possessed the source code to the famous application Furious Fowls, you could make a reskin duplicate called Insane Felines, where you jump started little cats out of a slingshot to hurt mice.

While the game would look in an unexpected way, the source code would remain totally the equivalent, with the main change being to the illustrations of the game. The reason we require all versatile application venders to explain on the off chance that they are selling a reskinned application is to inform purchasers as to whether there may be another application that is close to indistinguishable from theirs.

It’s critical to take note of that purchasing a reskinned application isn’t really downright awful. There are numerous reskinned applications on the commercial centre that do quite well. That being stated, on the off chance that you purchase a reskinned application, there is nothing halting the proprietor of the source code from pivoting and making 20 applications that are almost indistinguishable from yours.

  • Why Consider App Reskinning?

Now that you know what does reskinning means, you are probably asking yourself few questions such as “Is the app reskinning legal?” or “Why should I consider app Reskinning?”.

Well, answers are obvious, for the first question, I have a positive answer but the word “But” is necessary;

Is this method to create apps legal?  YES! However long you know about the expected entanglements of a reskinned application, these work a similar way (and are no less sheltered) than a non-reskinned application. Reskinned applications require significantly more due tirelessness for the purchaser; however, they can likewise be found at a small amount of the cost contrasted with an exceptionally coded, non-reskinned application. In the event that you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, reskinned applications can give an incredible presentation into the applications marketplace.

This method is 100% legal provided you purchase the source code license. Prices range from $ 10 to $ 1,000 depending on the complexity of the application.

The second question requires more details, so in the following paragraphs, you will be reading about the top 4 reasons to consider app reskinning

  1. Saving money:

When developing a code from scratch the costs are much greater than if you bought existing code for reskinning purposes. How much does it cost? You can acquire a well worked, tested and ready to release Reskinning – Source Code for under $ 350. In most cases, you can have a developer designer and graphics that do a reskin for less than the cost of the code. Developing that same code from scratch can cost you anywhere from $ 3,000 – $ 7,000.

Why this price of this code? Well, you are developing something that is brand new and may not perform as expected. You are also likely to be working with a developer for the first time and you will still have some unexpected bugs or obstacles to overcome. This can be a very expensive route to travel when developing code from scratch.

  1. Saving time:

As we mentioned earlier, you can acquire a code for reskinning on average for $ 350 which is ready for reskinning out of the box. If you outsource top quality work for reskinning you can expect to pay an additional $ 350. A reskin is usually done in a week and ready to release, so we’re at $ 700 total so far.

This is not the case with newly developed code which can take several weeks to several months to complete. Fixing bugs and unexpected issues can also grow and increase in duration, not to mention the developer’s personal issues that will come as a surprise.

Imagine you just recently had one of your developers who had to stop his job due to a death in his family. Life passes, and you are in no way ready to harass someone who has lost a family member for 100 € (what is generally paid for this kind of work) Risks are everywhere, however, you need to pick the way which is riskless. In the reskin sector you can hire another developer who will replace the old dev for $ 100, no problem, but not when you do a new code.

  1. Saving labor:

Riskin for applications is itself a profitable business in the Internet, meaning that you can work on creating applications. And when the opportunity comes up to obtain source code for an application you can take advantage of it.

But there are actually those who have relied on Riskin for applications in order to achieve the goal of profit from the Internet. One of the most practical examples in this field is a guy called Hayward – Mayhew who started a smartphone app company. This person has succeeded in making Riskin for 600 IOS applications in a period of 4 years, and it is concluded that his works have obtained 25 million downloads for these applications.

The most amazing thing about this story: This guy knows absolutely nothing about programming, what I mean here is: It was completely dependent on Riskin for applications without the need for programming complexities.

  1. Performance:

what I mean by performance is two things: the performance of the Application being built, and the performance of the application for return on investment (ROI). With a reskin you know exactly how it’s going to perform functionally as you can download it from the app store and play it yourself, you can even imagine it with different themes and graphics (the ones you choose for it, if you didn’t yet, this way may boost your creativity); it is a tangible asset in its current state.

New code is so just a concept that requires monitoring. If there’s a communication problem you’ve been responsible for that results in something you don’t like, you’re probably going to have a dear cost.

When it comes to financial performance, it’s easy to see that it will be a lot easier and a lot less risky to make money on a reskin against developing a new code. Further complicating your chances of a decent return is how your apps appear in the App Store and how consumers find the apps in the store. We will discuss this more in depth in future topics, but consumer behaviour and desires can keep your App from the audience you are targeting, despite the quality of the app. It can be a grinding accomplishment after taking a lot of time and energy to create it and reserve it.

  • Steps to start app reskin:

For sure, you are now seeking to have a general idea about app reskin, as it allows you to grow your business, and it is one of the best ways to start making money online. Yet, you are in the right place to get the idea you are seeking, below we provide you with the first steps to start apps reskin;

  1. Get the source code:

These come in the foreground because they are the basis, as we mentioned earlier, it’s the unique way to keep what are you doing legal, moreover, this allow you to search for the best and most successful applications and the number of large downloads in order to use this application to make Riskin and profit from your application.

In order to give you the help you need, we provide you with the list bellow so you can get source codes from these platforms:

  • SellMyApp
  • DoveMobi
  • Codester
  • CodeCanyon
  • Flippa
  • SellMySourceCode
  • ApkaCode


  1. Application development tools:

Obviously, you must have the tools to modify the applications in order to make the required changes to the applications and save them in the main code.

These application development tools change according to the system that you will deal with, either you are working for an Android app or IOS app.

  • IOS development tools:

If you want to modify iOS applications, you must master the use of the XCode tool.

XCode does not require you to be a professional programmer, just knowing how to implement the steps from the taskbar.

  • Android development tools:

If your goal is to modify Android applications, you must master Android Studio.

Android Studio is the all-in-one working environment for Android.

With Android Studio, you can write, modify, edit and save project files as it provides access to the Android SDK.

  1. Searching in application stores:

By arriving to this step, you have already a working method, tools, and source code; You need to carefully search the app stores for the target app and similar apps, identify the keywords used and the method for writing the description for these applications and reviews, this will help you to get the inspirations to write your description, and to work on the SEO of your app so it rank easier.

Which means, you must search carefully for these matters and master the filling of gaps in your application and provide more options, make it as special and helpful for the user as you can.

  1. Riskin work for applications:

After completing the previous step, you are now ready to start Riskin applications.

In this step, you must work with an application developer (Android & IOS) according to the system you are working with, or you can do this yourself, but you must master some tools and software, including: Adobe Photoshop & GIMP & Illustrator & Acorn.

These tools will help you design your application, as the design is quite the most important part in reskinning, and it must be of high quality.

Note: After you’ve made your changes, don’t forget to test the app.

  1. Developer account and advertising networks:

In this final step, you must register in ad networks and create developer accounts.

Ad networks: they are intermediary companies between advertisers and application developers, as they obtain ads from advertisers, and sell them to application developers and thus help application developers invest.

Developer account: You must create a developer account in order to be able to invest the applications on the application stores.

  • You need to create a developer account on Google Play, which costs $ 25, to publish Android applications.
  • As for publishing IOS applications, you need to create a developer account on the App Store and its cost is $ 99 / year.


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